Why build with Sure Betts?

Sure Betts Logistics was born out of the necessity for companies that are looking to improve efficiency in their supply chain management and delivery operations. We make your shipping needs our top priority. The more work we can take off of your plate, the more time you have to focus on building your business and profitability.

Our Capacity Inventory
• Truckload (TL)
• Less Than Truckload (LTL)
• Flatbed

• Auto Carriers
• Ocean
• Intermodal

“Rolling the dice on your freight”
v.s “Making Sure Betts”

Sure Betts Logistics is a company that prides itself on winning. We love to celebrate all of our company’s achievements. Although the small wins are just as important as the big ones, the concept of winning is simply not enough. How we win is even more important. Trust, Integrity, and Professionalism are just a few things that are paramount to any business relationship. Here are some a few ways that Sure Betts ensures victory for our shippers:

• Industry expertise
• Making sure all of our loads are picked up and delivered on time
• Unlimited access to PROFESSIONALS with truck capacity
• Around the clock dispatching with our carriers
• Exceptional customer service at an exceptional RATE