Sure Betts’ Inception
After 10 years of corporate experience, President and Cofounder Gibrill Betts knew that he was destined to be a business owner. He has always had a unique ability to connect people or be what he likes to call, “an extension cord”. Gibrill always says, “Metaphorically speaking, I’ve never been the plug. Nor am I the outlet. I am and always will be an extension cord. I’ve always been great at connecting people with other people, places, or things. I don’t just wear the hat of a middleman, I was born with it on. And I embrace it!” In a world where being the source is often glorified, Gibrill understands the importance of a middle-man in society. Today, could you imagine the world without the Internet?

A Miami, Florida native, Gibrill grew fond of the transportation industry from an early age. His step-father, who was a truck driver of 30 years, would sometimes take him on work trips. They would deliver goods to other warehouses and retail stores. This would later spark a curiosity to look further into the industry and how it works. Gibrill held several sales roles with large corporations, including CH Robinson and Coyote Logistics where he gained much of his experience in freight brokering.

Through his time in the industry, Gibrill observed a common trend amongst large corporations; greed. Customers, carriers, and even their own employees all took a back seat to their bottom line. Gibrill wanted to be different. He understood the importance of the complete ecosystem. If the companies took care of their customers, carriers and employees fairly, that would lead to more business and ultimately a more robust return. Gibrill’s philosophy is simple. “If I take care of my partners, my partners will take care of me.”